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Find Pin Codes in Faizabad

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Faizabad Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Faizabad shown below

Pin Code Area District State
224205JanabazarFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224205KhapradihFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224205PachgawanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224205PachiyanaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224205SihipurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224205TeriaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224205UdharnaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206BasantpurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206Bhaironpur TikariFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206Bhav NathpurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206BodahariFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206KatariFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206KhajurahatFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206Koro RaghopurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206MahawanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206MangariFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206Marui Sahai SinghFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206Nuawan BaidaraFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224206Ramnagar ChaukiaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207AsrewaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207DehriyawanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207GayasuddinpurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207Jalapur BhaggooFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207KonchhaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207MajurddinpurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207Mumrej NagarFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224207Sarai KhargiFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208AdilpurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208Banswar KalanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208ChamelaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208HarringtonganjFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208Malethu BuzurgFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208Mian GanjFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208Para TajpurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208Paraspur SathraFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208Sagar Pati PandhulaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208SinghoraFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208SonbarsaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224208Urwa VaishFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209ArsathFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209BaintiFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209BenipurFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209BhitergaonFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209ChaurebazarFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209HathigoFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209JanjwaraFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209KannawanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209Ninhiyawan BazarFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209ParomaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209RauhariFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224209Tharia KalanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224225AchhoraFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224225Ahiran SubanshFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224225HardoiyaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224225Kalyanpur KeotaniFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224225Mawai KalanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224225Paliya PratapshahFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224225ReonaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224228AghiyariFaizabadUttar Pradesh
224228BasawanFaizabadUttar Pradesh
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