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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Farrukhabad Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Farrukhabad shown below

Pin Code Area District State
205302ArjunpurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302BarkhiriyaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302BiharFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302GuthinaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302MerapurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302NadauraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302Nagla Bagh RathauraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302Nagla Kel ChampatFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302Nibkarori SoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302PakhnaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302Rajendra NagarFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302Roop NagarFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
205302SankisaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451BarakeshavFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451GosarpurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451MaudhaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451Mohamdabad SoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451RohilaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451SakwaiFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451SirauliFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
206451TajpurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501BabnaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501KanasiFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501KhalwaraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501KurarFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501Nawabganj SoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501PilkhanaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501PuthariFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501Sirmaura BangerFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207501UkhraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502AhmadganjFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502AtaipurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502Bara BikuFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502BarjhalaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502BarkheraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502Behta BalluFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502BhatasaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502College Rd. Kaimganj EdsoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502Ganga Darwaja Kmj. EdsoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502K K WFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502Kaimganj Lsg SoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502LahraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502LakhanpurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502Mau RashidabadFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502NarainamauFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502PaithanFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502PitauraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502RaipurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502Rashidabad TiwariyanFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502Rly. Road Kaimganj SoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502RutaulFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207502SilsandaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207503KisrauliFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207503Kuiyan KheraFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207503Shamshabad SoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207503UgarpurFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207504Harsinghpur GoaFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207504KhinminiFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207504Manjhana SoFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
207504Rasidpur MaiFarrukhabadUttar Pradesh
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