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Find Pin Codes in Ghaziabad

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Ghaziabad Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Ghaziabad shown below

Pin Code Area District State
201102Mandola EdsoGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201102Teela SahbazpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201201ChuriyalaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201201GovindpuriGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201201HarmukhpuriGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201201RoriGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201201SaidpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201201SaraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201201TalhataGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204BegmabadGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204GyaspurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204KhanjarpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204KhindoraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204MahendrapuriGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204Modi NagarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204ModiponGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204Nagla AkhuGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204NiwariGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204PaingaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204PatlaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204SaundaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204ShahjahanpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204Sikri KalanGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204Sikri KhurdGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201204TibraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206AbupurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Basantpur SainthliGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206BhadoliGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206BhikanpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206DidoliGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Dosa BangerpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206DuhaiGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206JalalabadGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Jalalpur DhindarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206KakraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206KanaujaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206KumheraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Murad NagarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Murad Nagar BazarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Murad Nagar TownGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206NekpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206NoorpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Raoli KalanGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206Rewri RewraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206ShahpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206SultanpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201206SuranaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201301Sec-27 NoidaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302Adhyatmic NagarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302Dasna R.s.GhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302GalandGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302HassanpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302Hindan NagarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302Jindal NagarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302KushliaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302NahalGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201302Udai Rampur NaglaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
201303Sec-41 NoidaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101AchhejaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101AsauraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
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