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Find Pin Codes in Ghaziabad

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Ghaziabad Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Ghaziabad shown below

Pin Code Area District State
245101AtolaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Bajhera KalanGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101BhatiyanaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101ChamriGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101ChhajupurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101DadriGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101DahanaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101DhanauraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101GhungralaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Girdharpur TmrelGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Gohrs AlamgirpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Gyan LokGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Hapur HoGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Hapur MandiGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101HarsinghpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101I.e.hapurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101IklahdiGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101KathikheraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101KharkhariGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Kishan GanjGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Madarsa Sadat EdsoGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101MathurawaliGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101NanGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101PhagotaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101RaghunathpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Rampur PuthGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Rly Road HapurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101SapnawatGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245101Shah MohiuddinpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201AlipurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201BabugarhGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201BachhlotaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201BankhandaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201DharaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201HosdarpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201KandaulaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201Kanya KalyanpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201MatnaursGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201Nali HusainpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201ParpaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201RasulpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201SakhpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201SamanaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201Sikandarpur KakoriGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201SolanaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201TatarpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245201UperaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205AlamnagarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205AthsainiGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205BagarpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205BahadurgarhGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205BhadsiyanaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205Bhaina DholpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205BihuniGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205Dehra RampurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205DotaiGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205Gandu NaglaGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205Garh TownGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205GarhmukteswarGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
245205HaidarpurGhaziabadUttar Pradesh
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