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Find Pin Codes in Ghazipur

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Ghazipur Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Ghazipur shown below

Pin Code Area District State
233211ChilarGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233211Dhari KalaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233211KatgharaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233211PahalwanpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233211ParsotiaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233211SihoriGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233211SujanipurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221AmedaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221AnauniGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221AuriharGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221BelhariGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221DadaraGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221KarampurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221MaudhaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221SaunaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221SingarpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233221SoniyaparGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222AbishahanGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222BasudeopurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222DahenduGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222DhotariGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222GangauliGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222GathiaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222Hajipur BaresarGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222JahurabadGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222Mahespur KalanGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222RengaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233222SemaurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233223AmehtaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233223BahediyaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233223BaheriGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233223GauriGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233223KhanpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233223NewadaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233223RampurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233224ChochakpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233224KarandaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233224LilapurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233224SikandarpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225AsawarGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225DubihaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225GandhinagarGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225GondaurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225HartmanpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225KarimuddinpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225MauraGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225PatepurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233225UtraonGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226BarahiGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226BhojapurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226BijauraGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226BirbalpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226BognaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226ChaubepurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226DhanespurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226DorasarGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226Gahali BasarakpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226GaiGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226GharihaGhazipurUttar Pradesh
233226GobindpurGhazipurUttar Pradesh
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