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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Kannauj Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Kannauj shown below

Pin Code Area District State
209720AsaltabadKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720BhadehiKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720BhaunrajpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720Bishungarh SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720HariharpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720JasmaiKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720JotKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720KaitholiKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720LokpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209720TodarpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721BahbalpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721Bazaria Chhibramau SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721Chhibramau SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721Galla Mandi Cbr. EdsoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721HathinKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721JafrabadKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721K. P. BanwariKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721KasawaKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721KhojipurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721KhubariapurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721Merapur GarhiyaKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721MighauliKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721NandlalpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721NaugaiKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721NigohKannaujUttar Pradesh
209721PrempurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209722DundwabuzurgKannaujUttar Pradesh
209722Gurusahaiganj Lsg SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209722IsmailpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209722MajhpurwaKannaujUttar Pradesh
209722Mohanpur RatanpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209722Tera RabbuKannaujUttar Pradesh
209722UnchaKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723AgausKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723BahosiKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723Belamau SaraiyaKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723BhagwantpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723Indergarh SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723KalsanKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723LakhKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723MadhpuraKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723Parsaramau MajhrethaKannaujUttar Pradesh
209723Pura RaiKannaujUttar Pradesh
209725Chhipatti SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209725Hari Nagar SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209725Kannauj MdgKannaujUttar Pradesh
209725Kannauj Samachar SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209726Makrand Nagar SoKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727BarauliKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727GangemauKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727GodhaniKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727Ibrahimpur ZagirKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727Jalalpur PanwaraKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727Jaspura PurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727Kushum KhorKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727MalikapurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727Mitra SenpurKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727MiyaganjKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727Muraiya BuzurgKannaujUttar Pradesh
209727Nazrapur PattiKannaujUttar Pradesh
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