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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Lucknow Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Lucknow shown below

Pin Code Area District State
226018Ganesh Ganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018Golaganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018Molviganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018Naya Gaon PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018New Ganeshganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018R B Colony PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018Shivaji Marg PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018Sunderbagh PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226018Wazirganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226020D M Road PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226020Daliganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226020Lonikatra PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226020Maharishi Vidya Mandir PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226020Niralanagar PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226020Triveni Nagar PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226021Batha SabauliLucknowUttar Pradesh
226021GayrtinagarLucknowUttar Pradesh
226021MadiyaonLucknowUttar Pradesh
226021Sec-c Sitapur Rd PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226022Kalyanpur PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226022Vikas Nagar PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226023Manasnagar PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226024Aliganj ExtensionLucknowUttar Pradesh
226024Aliganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226024Chandganj PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226024Navinmandi PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
226025B R A UniversityLucknowUttar Pradesh
226026BashaLucknowUttar Pradesh
226026BehtaLucknowUttar Pradesh
226026GurambaLucknowUttar Pradesh
226026RajauliLucknowUttar Pradesh
226026Sanatan Dharam Vidya Peeth PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005AkariakalanLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005AmaniganjLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005ArjunpurLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005AteswaLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005BahargaonLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005BibipurLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005IndaraLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005Itaunja PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005JamkhanwaLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005KhantariLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005Kumharawan.LucknowUttar Pradesh
227005MahigawanLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005MahonaLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005NarosaLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005PaharpurLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005Sarai DamuLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005SinghamauLucknowUttar Pradesh
227005UsaranaLucknowUttar Pradesh
227101AurawanLucknowUttar Pradesh
227101BaniLucknowUttar Pradesh
227101Banthra PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
227101Garhi ChunautiLucknowUttar Pradesh
227101NeewanLucknowUttar Pradesh
227101Rehman KheraLucknowUttar Pradesh
227105AmraigaonLucknowUttar Pradesh
227105Anaura KalanLucknowUttar Pradesh
227105Chinhat PoLucknowUttar Pradesh
227105GoilaLucknowUttar Pradesh
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