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Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Moradabad Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Moradabad shown below

Pin Code Area District State
202413Majhola KhasMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202413Tewar KhasMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414Afjalpur DarauliMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414Alipur BuzurgMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414AncholiMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414BajhawliMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414Modhpur WabaiMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414Mohd. SadikpurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414Narauly So.MoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414SarthalMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202414Tharesa Jai SinghMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202415Bahoranpur NarauliMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202415GuarauMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202415NarainpurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202415R.n. SahaspurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
202415Raja Ka SahaspurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
24400124bn Pac MbdMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001BeejnaMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001BhaisianMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Devapur Mustkam PurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Faij Ganj BazarMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001FarediMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Galshaheed SoMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Gandhi NagarMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001GodhiMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Hasanpur KatiaMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Hathala ColonyMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Husainpur HamirMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001JahangirpurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Katghar SoMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Lakri FazalpurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001MacharriaMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Mandi NajMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Moradabad CityMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Moradabad H.o.MoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Moradabad KutcheryMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Moradabad R.s.MoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Mughal PuraMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001MukarrabpurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Nai BastiMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001NawabpuraMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001NoorpurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001P.a.c. MoradabadMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001P.t.c. MoradabadMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001PachperaMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001PeerghaibMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001R N . AreaMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001R.t.s. MoradabadMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Rajpur KesariaMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001S.p.f. MrdMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001SitapuriMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001SonakpurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001StationroadMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Sultanpur DostMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Town HallMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Tumaria KalanMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244001Uncha GaonMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244102Chaudhar PurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244102Deorhi Urf HadipurMoradabadUttar Pradesh
244102GumsaniMoradabadUttar Pradesh
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