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Find Pin Codes in Muzaffarnagar

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Muzaffarnagar Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Muzaffarnagar shown below

Pin Code Area District State
247776KabaroutMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776KarodaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Kaserwa KalanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776KhararMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Khera MastanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Kheri KarmuMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776KudanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776LankMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776LilonMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Lisarh EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776MaharampurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776MalandiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Phugana EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Shamli Hsg-iMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Shamli Mandi SoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776Shamli Sugar Mills EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776SilawarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776TapranaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247776TitauliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777Bhaisani IslampurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777Bhanera UddaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777Harar FatehpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777HindMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777Kail ShikarpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777KhanpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777NojalMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777Sonta RasulpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247777Thanabhawan SoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778ChausanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778GagaurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778Garhi Abdulha KhanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778Garhi HasanpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778Hath ChoyaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778Mundet KhadarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778PindoraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778RanganaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
247778Un SoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Agarwal Paper MillMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Anandpuri PoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Bagowali EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001BarwalaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Bhopa RoadMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Brahmpuri PoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001DatiyanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Dedheru KalanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Gandhi ColonyMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Ganga Ram PuraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001HarsauliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001KarwaraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001KinoniMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001KukaraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Kutchery MznMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Kutesra EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001MakhiyaliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Megha KheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Mussa BilaspurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001MuzaffarnagarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Navin Mandi SthalMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001NirmanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Pachanda Kalan EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
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