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Find Pin Codes in Muzaffarnagar

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Muzaffarnagar Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Muzaffarnagar shown below

Pin Code Area District State
251001Pinna EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001RampurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001RampuramMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Ratheri EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Rohana Khurd EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Sahojani TaganMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001SarwatMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Satguru NagarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Sher NagarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001South Civil LinesMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Taoli EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Tissa EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251001Tissang EdsoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251002Khala ParMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251002LaddhawalaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251002Muzaffar Nagar City Hsg-2MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251002PrempuriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251002Shamli RoadMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251003Industrial EstateMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251003JarodaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251003LacheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251003SujrooMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251003VehlanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201AntwaraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201BarsooMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201BhainsiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201BhangelaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Chand SamadMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Chand SeenaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201DayalpuriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Fahimpur KhurdMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201GalibpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201IncholiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201JasaulaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Kailwara KalanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201KhanjapurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Khatauli BazarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Khatauli Lsg PoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Kheri RangdhangMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201NawlaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201PamnawaliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201PhulatMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201PipalheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Sarai RasulpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201SatheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201Sugar Mill Road KhatauliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251201TitodaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251202Badhai KalanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251202Badhai KhurdMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251202BaheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251202BarkaliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251202KachauliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251202MaleeraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251202Rohana MillsMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203BahadurpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203BhikkiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203BihariMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203Dudha HeriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203Hussainpur BhoparaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203JeewanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
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