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Find Pin Codes in Muzaffarnagar

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Muzaffarnagar Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Muzaffarnagar shown below

Pin Code Area District State
251203MansurpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203Mansurpur VillageMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203PuraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251203PurbaliyanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301Alipur KheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301Budina KalanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301JasoiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301Mohamad Pur MadanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301Nagala PithoraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301Roni HazipurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301SontaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251301TitawiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Alipur AternaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305BabriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Banti KheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305BarkataMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305BarodaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305BitawadaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Budhana LsgMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305ButraraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305ChoonsaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Dabheri RasulpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Garhi SakhawatpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Gogwan JalalpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Grahi NoabadMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305HiranwaraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Hussainabad BhanwaraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Hussainpur KalanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305ItawaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305JaulaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Kamruddin NagarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Karoda HathiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305KediMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305KuralsiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305KurawaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305KurmaliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305KurthalMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Loi SaraiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305LuhsanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Mohmand Pur Rai SinghMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305NagwaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Nai Abadi BudhanaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Pipal HeraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Raipur AternaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Reoli NaglaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305Tanda MajaraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251305TodaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251306Amir NagarMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251306BaghraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251306Budina KhurdMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251306Kazi KheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251306MandiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251306MukandpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251306Nasir PurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251307BadheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251307Barla PoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251307ChhaparMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251307Kasampur PatheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251307KhuddaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251307PhalaudaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
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