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Find Pin Codes in Muzaffarnagar

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Muzaffarnagar Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

Pin Code for Muzaffarnagar shown below

Pin Code Area District State
251307RaiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308Behra ThruMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308BelraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308Bhopa PoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308Jat MujheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308JauliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308Jhal NirgajaniMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308MalpuraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308Nagla BujurgMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308RahakadaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308Rahamatpur GarwaraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251308SikkriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251310Basera PoMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251310GadhlaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251310Khai-kheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251310TejalheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251310TuglakpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251311CharthawalMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251311ChokraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251311KhusropurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251311KulheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251311Luhari KhurdMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251311PaotiMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314Bajidpur KawaliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314Behra AssaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314ChittoraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314DhansariMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314GhatayanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314JandheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314Jansath LsgMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314KawalMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314KujheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314Nagla Madore CollegeMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314Rajpur KalanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314SalarpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314Sambhal HeraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251314Tehsil JansathMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251315BhoomaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251315Kasampur KholaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251315KatiyaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251315KithoraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251315KutubpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251315MiranpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316BehupuraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316BhokarheriMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316ChorawalaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316KakrauliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316KhokaniMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316MornaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316ShukartalMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316TendheraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251316TewraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318DhanayanMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318DhindawaliMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318DinkarpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318GoelaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318KakraMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318KaserwaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318KutbaMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
251318MubarikpurMuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
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