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Uttaranchal Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Uttaranchal. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Uttaranchal, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Uttaranchal shown below

Pin Code Area District State
246001Upper Bazar (t.s.o.)(ndso)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246001UziyariPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246113BedgaonPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246113FaldaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246113Kalzikhal (p.c.o.)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246113KimoliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246113TangroliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246113ThairPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121AmolaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121BadunPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121BagodgaonPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121BanchauriPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121Bhrigukhal (a)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121BinakPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121ChamkotkhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121DevranaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121HeerakhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121KheraPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121KimsarPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121Pokhri Malla UdaipurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121SarPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121ThangarPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246121TimlibariPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246122ChelusainPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123BajwarPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123BharsarPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123BuransiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123ChaproliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123ChaurikhPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123Chipalghat (a)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123Chora Bali KandarsyunPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123DungrikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123GodaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123KalonPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123PaithaniPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123ParalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123PatoteePauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123PinakotPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123SainjiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123SankarsainPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246123TellaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246124DadamandiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246124JameliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246124RajbatPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246125DehalchauriPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246125Rampur ChattiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246127DevikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246127DugaddaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246127FatehpurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246127HanumantiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246128BamoliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246128DiusaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246128DwarikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246128GumkhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246128PulyasuPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246128SaurkhetPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246128SimlyaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246129BandunPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246129DudharkhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246129GherwaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
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Uttaranchal District Pincodes

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