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Uttaranchal Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Uttaranchal. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Uttaranchal, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Uttaranchal shown below

Pin Code Area District State
246147ThandharPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246148DhandkurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246148JhanjharPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246148Kot (p.c.o.)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246148MasangaonPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149AmsaurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149B.e.l. NdsoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149BalasaurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149JhandichaurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149KishanpurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149Kotdwara H.s.g. - IPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149Kotdwara Railway Station NdsoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149KotridhangPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149KumbhichaurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149LokmanipurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149MawakotPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149Nazibabad RoadPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149NimbuchaurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149Padampur SukhraoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246149ShivrajpurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155AnganisainPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155AsankhetPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155BansiNot AvailableUttaranchal
246155ChamethakhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155ChundaiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155DerikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155DhabhakhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155DhauntiyalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155KaligadPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155KhanethaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155KunjholiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155Lansdowne Cantt (a)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155Lansdowne H.s.g. - IPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155MathaiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246155SandhikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246159Bangaon MallaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246159GaindPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246159GhiriPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246159GumainPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246159KarakotPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246159Lwali (p.c.o.)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161Bairhat PallaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161BhundkhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161BilkotPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161BiyasiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161ChamaraPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161ChamsainPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161Kalinkakhal (kaleth)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161KhadrasiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161Moxan UniyalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161Nainidanda (b)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246161TariaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162BandarPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162ChamnaoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162DamadevalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162DharasuPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162GadigaonPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162IrakhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162JagsiakhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246162NaugaonkhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
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Uttaranchal District Pincodes

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