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Uttaranchal Pin Code and Zip Codes are shown below. You can also use the search option above to view the district wise Postal pin codes from Uttaranchal. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in Uttaranchal, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Pin Code for Uttaranchal shown below

Pin Code Area District State
246174SumariPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246174UfaldaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246175BarkotPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246175DiusiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246175GarhkotNot AvailableUttaranchal
246175GarkotPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246175NaithanaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246175OlnaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246175PundoriPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246175ThaplaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246176AgroraPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246176ChaurakhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246176PipalpaniPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246176PokhrikhetPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246176SweetPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246176Toli (p.c.o.)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246177Chorkinda TallaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246177KadolaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246177KasaniPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246177Kota MahadevPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246177SaindharPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246177VedikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246185Bughani Edso (p.c.o.)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246186Deoprayag BazarTehri GarhwalUttaranchal
246188Adhariyakhal Edso (p.c.o)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246189Dabri EdsoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246191Padampur EdsoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246192Kalalghati EdsoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246193Jahrikhal (b)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246193Mandoli MalliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275Baijrao (a)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275BasolaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275BharnaoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275BudhakotPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275ChaukhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275DhaundPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275Gadkharak MallaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275Garkot ChhacharaoPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275JaspurPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275JiwaiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275JogimarhiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275PharasariPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246275UfaraikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276BaraPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276Baundar KhutingaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276BhamraikhalPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276BhatwariPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276Bironkhal (a)Pauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276Chandoli MalliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276GweenPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276Jakhni KhatliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276KamdaiPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276Kanda TallaPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276Kanduli BariPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276NakuriPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276NaunPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276SilliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276SinduriPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276SiroliPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
246276TakulsariPauri GarhwalUttaranchal
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Uttaranchal District Pincodes

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