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Find Pin Codes in Jalpaiguri

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Jalpaiguri Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal.

Pin Code for Jalpaiguri shown below

Pin Code Area District State
726206DamsibadJalpaiguriWest Bengal
734101Jpg Hindustan Ins. S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
734501ChampaguriJalpaiguriWest Bengal
734501Chanda CompanyJalpaiguriWest Bengal
734503Jaldhaka Hydel Project S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
734503Kalabari BaganJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Adarpara NdtsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Banarhat S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Bowbazar NdtsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Dinbazar NdtsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Jalpaiguri Bank .JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Jalpaiguri Head Post OfficeJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Jpg College Para NdtsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Jpg Court P.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Jpg Dist. School Board S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Kadamtala S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Mohantapara NdtsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Panpara EdsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Race Cource Para S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Rajbari Para NdsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Senpara NdtsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101Silpasamiti Para NdtsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735101West Congress Para NdsoJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735102DebnagarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735102Jpg.govt Engg CollegeJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735102KhariaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735102MohitnagarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121BahadurJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121Barapatia NatunbasJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121Danguajhar S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121KantiparaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121PaharpurJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121PangasahebbariJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121RangdhamaliJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121TalmaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735121Vivekananda PallyJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735122BagribarihatJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735122Bhabani NagarJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735122Haldibari S.o.JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735122HemkumariJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735122KachuaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735122KhayerbariJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735122Paschim HemkumariJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132BrajapurJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132DhapganjJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132KadobarihatJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132KamatparaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132KuriparaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132Malkanipara NayahatJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132Pandapara Kalibari S.o. .JalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132SiramparaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735132Uttar DhantalaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133BelocobaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133BhaktiparaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133DangaparaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133DebithakurbariJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133KarjiparaJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133KukurjanJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133MantadariJalpaiguriWest Bengal
735133MilanpallyJalpaiguriWest Bengal
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