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Find Pin Codes in Murshidabad

Use our search or list view to see over 100,000 pin codes from India. We have tried to include almost all pin code numbers that are available in India, but however if you feel some numbers are wrong or we have omitted them in our results, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

You can view Murshidabad Pin codes below or use the search above to view the zip codes in Murshidabad district of West Bengal.

Pin Code for Murshidabad shown below

Pin Code Area District State
713123DakshinkhandaMurshidabadWest Bengal
713123ShimuliaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742000NazirpurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742000RajarampurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101Berhampore (wb)MurshidabadWest Bengal
742101Berhampore Civil CourtMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101Berhampore Station RoadMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101District School BoardMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101GorabazarMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101Kansari BazarMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101LaldighiMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101Madhupur ColonyMurshidabadWest Bengal
742101S.s.sen RoadMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102BanjetiaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102Bishnupur KalibariMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102BoaliadangaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102Chunakhali NimtalaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102Cossimbazar RajMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102GazdharparaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102HatinagarMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102MuktinagarMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102NograjoleMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102NowdapanurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742102SundipurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742103Daihatta RoadMurshidabadWest Bengal
742103IndraprasthaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742103KhagraMurshidabadWest Bengal
742103KunjaghataMurshidabadWest Bengal
742103SaidabadMurshidabadWest Bengal
742104ChotobathanMurshidabadWest Bengal
742104D.l.s.s.j.dhamMurshidabadWest Bengal
742104EtoreMurshidabadWest Bengal
742104KiriteswariMurshidabadWest Bengal
742113AmaiparaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742113AmdaharaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742113BhandaraMurshidabadWest Bengal
742113JiaganjMurshidabadWest Bengal
742113Kolan RadhakantapurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742113SadekbagMurshidabadWest Bengal
742113Sripat Singh CollegeMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121AmtalaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121BhalanagarMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121ChandpurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121GangadhariMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121GaribpurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121GoghataMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121JagaipurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121JitpurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121KanainagarMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121MadhupurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121MohammadpurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121PardiarMurshidabadWest Bengal
742121Raipur-mirpurMurshidabadWest Bengal
742122Adibasi BeldangaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742122AzimganjMurshidabadWest Bengal
742122DasturhatMurshidabadWest Bengal
742122DiaraMurshidabadWest Bengal
742122GobardhandangaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742122KhatuaMurshidabadWest Bengal
742122NagraMurshidabadWest Bengal
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