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Our aim always has been to provide you with simple yet effective information. Our direction map below not only acts as a distance calculator for any place in India but also provides you with a turn by turn navigation. So, even if you are outside, and have a EDGE enabled mbile phone or a laptop with Wi-fi, you can just visit the page and get a turn by turn navigation for your destination.

Using the India Route Map is quite simple:

1. Add your origin in the From field. Be specific. For eg, if you are in Delhi, write like Chandni Chowk, Delhi
2. Add your destination in the To field. So if you are planning to visit Connaaught Place in Delhi, write Connaught Place, Delhi.
3. Choose a language. You can get the driving directions even in Hindi!
4. Click on Get Directions, and let the map plot the turn by turn navigation for you.
5. You can get a zoomed view of the direction by clicking on any results that show up in the "Turn By Turn Directions" window.

You can practically use the map to show directions anywhere in India, but it's advisable to do a city wide search, rather than doing a state wise search. If you are intested in finding long distances, please use our India Road map. You can also check an animated GPS driving directions and shortest route with our Distance Calculator.

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