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Travel India Guide provides you with detailed information on Tamil Nadu, its major cities, tourist spots, maps and hotels. Relatively uninfluenced by foreign invaders, here much of ancient India survives in its purest form - in its customs, in its towering temple architecture, in its dances and costumes. Here life is more leisurely and more traditional. Magnificently sculptured temples, richly woven silks, colourful festivals, cool hill stations and wide beaches are but some of the attractions of this never-never land that is nevertheless one of the country's major industrial and agricultural States.

The city of Kanyakumari forms the last and southern-most city of india. Vellore forms a major medical hub for India with its state of the art and famous hospital. Salem acts as a major port for shipping services to and from India.

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Tourist places to visit in Tamin Nadu
The History of the Tamils presents an exciting pageant of a powerful civilization whose origin dates back to ancient times. It is clear that the Tamils, who belong to the Dravidian race, were the first major occupants of the country and settled in the north-western part of India long before the coming of the Indo-Aryans.

Tamil Nadu provides the visitor with a wide variety of delicious food both for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians, though most food in Tamil Nadu consists of grains, lentils, rice and vegetables. Spices are added to give a distinctive taste. Dosa, Idli and sambhar form the most famous food diet.
tamil nadu cuisines  dosa idli  idli sambhar
Folk Music & Dances
The music and dance of Tamil Nadu had their beginnings in the temples. From early times, different groups of people were appointed to sing divine songs in the temple. Officers called Thevara Nayakams or leaders of the world of music, arranged the private worship of kings and group singing.

The topography of Tamil Nadu is delightfully varied and diverse. Of the 1,30,058 sq-kms land area, 17.6% is covered with forest area. These spread over the plains and on mountain slopes. Dry lands are bestowed with dry-deciduous forests, thorn forests, scrubs and mangroves. Some of the famous beaches are marina beach, kushee beach and pamban beach.
Hills around Chennai, such as the Nagalapuram Hills, offer wonderful trekking opportunities. There are several planned excursions carried out by individuals and groups based in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.
kanyakumari  marina beach kushee beach  pamban beach
Wildlife Sanctuaries
The topography of Tamil Nadu is delightfully varied and diverse. Of the 1,30,058 sq-kms land area, 17.6% is covered with forest area. These spread over the plains and on mountain slopes.
Government State Museum : This museum in Chennai is best known for two important collections: sculptures from Amarvati and its famed Bronze Gallery. The Amaravati collection has panels, pillars, carved railings and Buddha statues of milky white marble from a Buddhist stupa excavated at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh.

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