A Bed and Breakfast guide for New Delhi

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Guide to Bed & Breakfast Homes in New Delhi

The BEd and Breakfast homes in New Delhi

The Incredible India Campaign started promoting the New Delhi bed breakfast schemes, and it is soon catching up with visiting tourists. Apart from providing a very hospitable environment, the Bed Breakfast homes in New Delhi also provide the tourists with an opportunity to understand the Indian culture and traditions and also enjoy authentic home made Indian food.

However, before you check into any New Delhi bed breakfast home, be aware that such a place comes with a code of conduct. Things might not be written on paper, but following some guidelines can help you to have an enjoyable time, without affecting the peace of your hosts.

Why B&B?

  • Most B&B are situated in a residential locality. This helps the visitor get a taste and feel of the local people and their culture. They can also get to taste authentic local cuisine, which is rarely available in the hotels. A B&B is traditional, homely and warm!
  • Tourist gets a fair value for money. Most Bed and Breakfast's are comparatively more affordable then luxury hotels.
  • Most decent New Delhi Bed Breakfast's accept credit cards. They also offer 24 hrs medical services and most of them offer transportation to the city and the airport. Children also are usually allowed without any extra charges.
  • Many B&B`s are situated in old, heritage residences. In fact many such houses are relics of the Raj, simple refurbished for the benefit of the visitors.

Bed & Breakfast Etiquettes:

  • If you have notified a specific check in time, please arrive close to it. Inform your host in case of a delay.
  • Do not use any bathroom or amenities other than the ones allotted to you, even if the door is open and the room not occupied, because it may have been raided for other guests.
  • Remember that you are a guest in someone’s private space. The host does their best to make you feel warm and relaxed. It’s your job to be polite and thoughtful guest.
  • If the B&B offers afternoon tea, don’t act like a glutton and finish up the entire plate of savories. Also feel free to consume alcohol but please don’t get drunk and create a scene!
  • If you are allergic to smoke, find out if the environment is smoke free before booking your room. If you smoke find out if there are smoking rooms or a specially designated space for smoking. Always take permission before you smoke inside the house.
  • If you have a problem with climbing stairs, pre book a room on the ground floor.
  • Respect other guests. Don’t talk loudly to other guests or even over your cell phone.
  • If you are travelling with kids, discuss it with your host. Remember as parents it’s your duty to instill discipline in them. A lot of houses have antiques and valuables that they most certainly wouldn’t want to be mishandled or broken by unruly kids. Some B&B`s don’t allow children under a certain age.
  • Most B&B`s have a pre-scheduled check in and checkout timings. Do stick to them and have fun!

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