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mini Best time to visitGoa is October to February, but it can be visited year-round. miniThe catamaran service provides a sea-travel from Mumbai to Goa. miniFrom Mumbai, It takes 12 hrs to reach Goa by bus, 10 hrs by train & 45 min by air. miniCotton clothes are the best option during the warm and sunny days. miniVoltage in Goa is 220 volts a / c, so pack an adapter if coming from USA. miniOffer 30 percent of the asking price when bargaining in small establishments. miniIf caught with drugs, min sentence is 10 years imprisonment & fine of 10,000 INR.

Magnificent Churches of Goa
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BEaches and Churches  in Goa

Goa has more to offer than just the beautiful Goa beaches. Any visitor to Goa is sure to get mesmerized by the old Goan Churches which stand tall in Goa. Among the 10 existing churches, the ruins of St. Augustine Church of Goa is the most magnificent. It was built in 1602, the tower in the church is the main attraction. This huge tower reaches up to a staggering 46m. The St. Augustine Church has four stories and was originally meant to be a belfry.

The church used to have a giant bell that was removed and is now placed at the Church of Our Lady of the

Immaculate Conception, located in Panaji. The church had eight beautifully adorned chapels and four decorated altars. There was also a convent attached to the church. Around the year 1931, the church began to fall apart and the facade and half of the tower were lost. Located atop the Holy Hill in Old GOa, this laterite structure now has eight ornate chapels and four altars.

Some other famous Goa churches are:

The Basilica of Bom Jesus
Mary Immaculate Conception
The Reis Magos
Se Cathedral

How to reach Goa:

By Air: There's a daily Delhi-Goa flight service.
By Rail: Goa is connected to many cities and towns by super-fast and express trains. GOa's major stations are at Margao and Vasco da Gama.
By Road: Goa is connected well to all the major cities of India by a network of highways and roads.
By Ship: There is a daily boat service from Mumbai. Locals also use ferries for transportation along the coast of Goa.

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