Kunzum La pass in the Himalayas

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Kunzum La Pass, Keylong in Himachal Pradesh

Kunzung La pass near Keylong

Breath taking views, exotic landscapes and snow covered mountains, find it all at the Kunzum La Pass near Keylong in Himachal Pradesh. Kunzom La pass is pretty wide and offers some panoramic views of the Spiti valley. It's situated at 60 Kms from Gramphu-Kaza-Sumdo road. This pass separates Lahaul from Spiti and also acts as the watershed between Chenab and the Sutlej. On crossing of the 5,000 ft. high Kunzum pass, the uninhabited camping ground of Takcha can be reached.

Kumzum La Pass, though higher than the Rohtang Pass, is safer and provides easier ascent and descent. The altitude of this pass is about 4590 m. The panorama as viewed from the top is breathtaking. The lofty Shigri Parbat can be seen right in front in all its grandeur. The crest of the pass has been marked by a chhorten of stones erected ages ago. The climb to Kunzum La is nearly 11 Kms and the pass is marked with chortens and golden flags. Recently a temple has been built on the top. A hut has also been built for the people to take shelter.

The crest of the pass is marked by a wall of mani stones clearly suggesting that one is now stepping into a Buddhist country. A temple dedicated to Durga, the fierce female deity, was built by some gaddies but it could not withstand avalanches and today is in ruins. People believe that the deity has refused to live in the temple. She prefers to stay in the open. Her foot impressions are worshiped by gaddies and local people

There is a small hut about 200 m. away from the temple where travelers can find shelter during foul weather. For tourists it is a favorite halt for tea or snacks. From Kunzum one trek leads to Chandrataal, the lake of the Moon. 

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