Mandu in Madhya Pradesh: a Tourist Destination

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Reaching Mandu
mini By Air: Nearest airport is Indore (99Kms) connected to all major cities. miniBy Rail: Indore, Ratlam (124 Kms) on Mumbai Delhi Main lineminiBy Road: Bus services to Mandu from Indore, Ratlam, Dhar, Bhopal Ujjian and MhowminiBest Season is between July to March.

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Complete Travel Guide to Mandu
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Mandu is known for the love of poet, prince, Baz Bahadur and Rani Rupmati – inarguably the town’s most famous legend. But reach Mandu and you will discover more stories hidden in its architectural wonders, literally caved in stone!

An ancient city in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, Mandu or Mandavgarh is a celebration in stone with its Mandu Fortarchitectural wonders. A Malwa sultan originally christened Mandu, Shadiabad, meaning the city of joy. An apt name for the city replete with striking palaces, strewn with ornamental canals, baths, pavilions and baolis. So it’s no surprise that under the Msugal rule Mandu was a royal retreat, its lakes and palaces making idyllic venues for regal revelry.

History behind Mandu

A quick net search on Mandu will result in many website overdosing on poet, prince, Baz Bahadur, Rani Rupmati and her love lore. But Mandu is all this and much more. Its charm is not only in the truth that Mandu is a history book waiting to be read cover to cover but also in its monsoon magic, inn snaky, swirl bends of the kucha roads up the Vindhyas, in the sickly sweet chai.
Mandu is a perfect tourist destination for all. History bluffs, oops buffs actually both, unwilling teachers with unwilling kids on informational tours, Bharat Dardhanites, modern day Bahadur and Ranis, weekend getaway,  interspersed with On road to Mandu in Madhya Pradesha generous dollop of passionate archaeologists, historians and chroniclers, you will bump in the lot here.

Mandu Enchantment

Surprisingly, Mandu is untouched by the ubiquitous cola stalls, self confessed guides and well fed beggars, making it possible to immerse yourself in its historical legacy. You can marvel at the Afghan architectural acumen here at Hoshang Shah`s Tomb or compare the great mosque of Damascus with the Jami Masjid, peacefully.

Between Baz Bahadur`s palace courtyards to Rani Roopmati`s pavilion view of Narmada flowing through the Niram plains, there is a kaleidoscope of sight and sound living in the city. From mosque to mounds and temples to Tombs Mandu is historically fantastic. About to bid adieu to this enchanting city, I shouted “Mandu” at its famous Echo point, the Delphic Oracle of the city and Mandu resonated in my mind and heart forever.

Must Visit Mandu Tourist Spots:
    The architecture of Mandu
    • The Darwazas: 12 gateways, like Delhi Darwaza, Alimgir and Bhangi Darwaza, punctuate the 45km stretch of walls that encircle Mandu.
    • Jahaz Mahal:  120m long ship palace between Munj and Karur Talao.
    • Rewa Kund: A reservoir built by Baz Bahadur with an aqueduct to supply water to Roopmati`s palace.
    • Hindola Mahal: Called as the swinging palace for its sloping side walls.
    • Roopmati`s Pavilion: Originally built as an army observation post, this was a retreat of the queen, from where she could see Baz Bahadur`s palace.

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