Safety Tips for Driving in Fog or Haze

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Driving in Fog or Haze
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As the visibility levels fall due to fog or haze, driving can become a nightmare. The worst affected areas due to fog are outskirts of a city, highways, road networks around a river, roads with farms on sides, Heavy fog in New Delhiespecially if it's a rice farm, and places with less habitation. Generally, it's advisable not to venture out in foggy conditions, but for those who do need to go out in fog or haze must follow some safety tips.

Car owners must get therir cars serviced to ensure all the lights are working. Getting fog lamps fitted from a car accessories shop is also advisable. Else, you can also keep two sheets of cellophane sheets and some sticking tape in the car as another option, so that they can be affixed on the head lamps while driving.

Two-wheeler riders and pedestrians should wear bright coloured clothes and carry a torch so that they can be spotted by drivers of bigger vehicles. They should keep alert for sounds of vehicles and keep away from the roads.

Follow these safety tips for driving in fog or haze in 2009:

1. Be Slow. Distance is hard to judge and low visibility delays reaction time.

2. Do not apply the brakes in panic, you may get hit from behind.Very Heavy Haze in roads with open fields at sides

3. Never attempt overtaking.

4. Turn on the wipers and defroster so that the front windscreen is clear.

5. Keep the music system turned off. Ambient sounds of traffic can be used as a guide in poor visibility conditions.

6. Drive with headlight on the low beam as high beam produces glare in such conditions.

7. When you can't see ahead, use the central verge of the road to guide you.

8. Honk periodically to let other drivers know you are there.

9. Install fog lights in your vehicle for better visibility.

10. Wear warm clothes that do not restrict movement.Travelling in car with fog around

11. Recharge or replace old batteries. Cold weather requires a fully charged battery.

12. Avoid stopping on the travelled portion of the road. You could become the first in chain collision.

13. Get your vehicle serviced in time to avoid unforseen breakdowns.


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