Paradise Beach and Chunnambar Resort, Puducherry

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miniKeep one entire day for the Paradise Beach trip. miniYou can buy terracotta products at Pudumai Showroom on Goubert Avenue.miniNehru Streenis the main commercial place in Puducherry.miniTry to find a staying option near the Promenade Beach, as it is the central hub.

Paradise Beach, Cuddalore Resort, Puducherry

The entrance to paradise Beach, puducherry

Located about 8 Kms from the Puducherry town, Paradise Beach is an isolated and quiet sea beach, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pondicherry is not really known for its beaches, nor does it boast of a huge coastal line. But, if you get a chance to visit Paradise Beach, you'd be swept away with the calmness that surrounds the place. Paradise Beach can only be accessed by a boat from the Chunnambar resort, which lies on the Cuddalore Main Road in Puducherry.

Paradise Beach, also known by the name of Plage Paradiso, is mainly created on a small island of sorts, which separates the backwater area from the actual sea. You can take a boat to reach the beach from morning till 3 P.M. The boat ride across the backwaters to the beach takes about 15 min and can be a lot of fun. The boats may not be of world class standards but the anticipation of reaching the beach and calmly moving through the backwater on the boat is in itself a satisfying experience. Once on the beach, you are allowed an hours time to soak in the sun and the sea water. Swimming is strictly prohibited but you can go near the water and get drenched by the in-coming waves.

Boat ride to the beach from Cuddalore resort

Since each boat trip is allowed only an hrs stay, the beach is mostly silent and offers you a calm environment. Just relax in the sand or get wet by the waves, with the sound of water splashing on the shores adding to your soothing stay on the beach.

The beach has several huts to help you change clothes and take cover if it begins to rain. You will also find a small kiosk which serves chips, cold drinks and beer. The beach also has two toilets and one bathroom to take bath and get rid of sand. While waiting to go abck to the mainland from the beach, don't forget to look for fishes in the back water, just near the pier. You will clearly see several brightly coloured fishes.

The Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort is maintained by the PTDC. You need to get an entrance ticket for Rs. 5 and pay Rs. 15 for your camera as well. For the boat ride you have different options. You can pick from a backwater speed boat ride, a jet ski or a boat ride to the Paradise Beach. The backwater speed boat ride is a lot of fun and can be had in groups of four. The cost of a boat ride to the beach is Rs. 75 per person.

When you return back to the resort after a good stay at the beach, don't forget to have a warm plate of Chicken Biryani at the restaurant which is near the entrance of the resort. it's not really a big restaurant, but the food is excellent and after an hour at the beach, the hot biryani just sends you to heaven.

People enjoying at the beach

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