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mini The 1972 Conrad Rooks film Siddhartha was shot in Deeg and Bharatpur Sanctuary.

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Deeg Palace: Travel options near Bharatpur
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Deeg Palace near Bharatpur

Deeg Palace was built in the mid 18th century by Raja Suraj Mal, the king of Bharatpur. It's one of the must visits places for it's grand palace, which holds a lot of historical importance. The Deeg Palace is located very close to the famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and other popular tourist places like Mathura, Agra, Govardhan and Vrindavan. It has some beautiful architectural wonders.

Deeg Palace is a lavish structure. Suraj Mal, a king of Bharatpur, built this place in the mid-18th century as his summer palace. The main attraction in the palace is Gopal Bhawan. It's still in an excellent condition and the antique furniture used by the royal family can still be seen through the glass doors. There is a large tank of water in front of the palace, which is now used for washing clothes and bathing animals. Large turtles can be spotted on the banks of this pond.

Architecturally, Deeg Palace is a combination of Rajput and Mughal styles. There are wel maintained gardens all around the palace. A large number of fountains add to the splendour of the palace. It's said that the Maharaja liked to make his evenings extra colourful by using multicoloured water in these fountains. The water source for these fountains was a large tank over Keshav Bhawan. The fountains are still active, but tend to be used only on some special occasions, like the famous three-day fair held in the month of September, when the forts of Deeg are brought to liveliness.

Deeg has several palaces, but the most famous among them is the "Sawan-Bhadon" palace. This palace has a hollow ceiling with rolling iron spheres in it and when water is made to flow into the ceiling, these spheres collide with each other to produce a sound similar to that of raining clouds. With running fountains and loud sounds in the background, the Maharajas used to enjoy the experience of a rainy season.

Other places of notable interest near Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the Deeg Palace are Noorjahan ka jhoola, which is all made in marble, Hanuman Temple and a massive Deeg Fort, which overlooks the palace.

How to Reach: Deeg is about 152 Kms from Delhi, situated onn the main Delhi-Mathura-Agra highway. Take a right turn to Govardhan road, go ahead about 15 Kms and that's where Deeg is. Remember, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is just 32 Kms from Deeg.

Best Time to Visit: October - February

What to Do: Just roam around and get a hang of the place. Deeg is renowned for its forts, palaces and beautiful Mughal Gardens, and also acted as the summer resort of the Bharatpur rulers.

Where to stay: It's best to stay in Bharatpur, which has manu accommodation options, from deluxe heritage hotels to budget motels. Forest rest houses and dak bungalows can also be asked for.


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