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delwara devi garh fort in rajasthan

Delwara is a palce about 30 Kms before udaipur in Rajasthan. Unlike most of Rajasthan, Delwara, which is in the Nathdwara district, is mostly covered with lush green vegetation. Delwara in itself is a historical marvel with 1000 year old temple and hidden tunnels as well as a 250 year old majestic fort.

Devi Garh Fort: One of the major attractions of Delwara is the Devi Garh Fort. Situated about 20 Kms from Nathdwara, it is reached after a long winding road which goes along a forest patch. The fort itself is over 250 years old and was built by the Jhalas. Due to long periods of neglect, the fort was turning into ruins, before some good restoration work in the 1990s brought it back to life. Now, it is one of the major tourist spots as well as a hot Bollywood shooting site. Recently, Amitabh bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Vidya Balan starrer Eklavya was shot here.

Jain Temples: Delwara is lined with ancient step wells and remnants of century old Jain temples. Adinathji temple, a 900 year old temple, is probably the most notable Jain temple in this region. Even the famous Dilwara Jain temple in Mount Abu is a replica of this temple. But in absense of any outside support, the Dilwara temple has remained unpromoted. The temple has intricate carvings with secret tunnels.

Nathdwara: It is a holy town with a Lord Krishna temple. Known as the Shreenathji temple, it houses an infant form of the lord.

Eklinji Temple: This temple was constructed in 734 A.D. by Bappa Rawal, and has a four-faced idol of Lord Shiva, which is made of black marbel.

Tourist places near Delwara:

1. Udaipur: The beautiful city of lakes with historical monuments is the largest town near Delwara.

2. Gorila: Also known as the village of camel people, you find it after a stretch of winding roads.

3. Rajsamand: If you are looking to buy some marble handicrafts, head straight to Rajsamand. From cups to animal statues and marble temples, you can find a lot here.

Reaching Delwara: Delwara is about 620 Kms from Delhi, so it can take baout 10 hrs for you to reach there.

The most obvious route to follow would be:

Delhi-Jaipur Bypass-Kishangarh-Nasirabad-Bandanwara-Bhilwara bypass-Pur-Kuanriya-Mandri-Rajasmand-Nathdwara-Delwara

Delhi to Delwara route map

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