Dholpur Tourist Spots, Forts, Lakes and Wildlife Sanctuaries

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miniIt's said that Dholpur was submerged under sea during Ramayana period!

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Travel Guide to Dholpur, Rajasthan
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Mach kund temple in Dholpur

Dholpur is a sleepy little town in Rajasthan, full of historical forts and monuments. Being in the eastern most parts of Rajasthan, Dholpur is vry close to the border of neighbouring state Uttar Pradesh and lies just 55 kms from Agra and Gwalior. Dholpur is also famous for its wonderful sandstones, especially the red sandstone, which was also used to build the famous Red Fort in Delhi.

Dholpur has its history written behind remains from the Mahabharata period to the relatively recent Mughal era, and several forts and lakes form a part of it. Earlier known as Dhawalgiri and later on as Dhaulagir it is now always referred to as Dholpur.

Dholpur Tourist Spots, Forts and Lakes

1. The Machkund Temple: An ancient temple with a picturesque view, this place is named after the Raja Muchchhukand who is said to be the twenty fourth of the Suryavanshi Dynasty.

2. Saipau Mahadeo Temple: The temple of Lord Shiva, situated close to Parvati Lake, is an ancient temple.

3. Ravines of Chambal: Just close to the ravines of Chambal, where no vegetation can occur, are the world's oldest mountain range, The Aravallis, situated across 113 kms of area.

4. Laswari: ruins of the oldest Mughal garden, the Talab Shahi, at Dholpur Rajasthan, the Damoh Waterfall and the Khanpur Mahal, the pleasure palace of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, can be seen here.

5. Shergarh Fort: Sher Shah Suri created the Shergarh Fort on the ruins of Hindu fortress. Dholpur forts are both exquisite in making as well as their presence.

6. Nihal Tower: Situated at the Townhall road, this 150 feet high tower was made by Raja Nihal Singh in 1910. The foot of the tower is covered with 12 gates of similar size and cover around 120 feets.

Travel Options near Dholpur:

Saipau Fort in Dholpur, Rajasthan

1. Machkund Temple: One of the most famous tourist spots, this is located about 8 Kms from Dholpur.

2. Talab-E-Shahi: Situated 40 kms from Dholpur, this lake and Palace was built in the year 1617 AD. Apart from the tourists, the lake also attracts a lot of migratory winter birds.

3. Bari Heritage and Hunting Lodge: One of the largest lodges in Rajasthan's Dholpur is the Bari Heritage and Hunting Lodge. Built by Mughals with lush green cover, the hunting lodge at Bari is built in an L shape around a lake. The lodge has three pavilions which form the L-shaped structure. These pavilions also have an exclusive enclosure made by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, and also has hammams, where Sha Jahan used to relax. The lake itself is home to hundreads of migratory and native brids. Agra lies just 93 Kms from Bari.

Wildlife Sanctuaries:

1. Van Vihar Wild Life Sanctuary: situated over 60 kms over the Vindhyan Plateau, this is an old wildlife reserve.

5. National Chambal (Gharial) Wildlife Sanctuary: Famous for it rare Ganges Dolphins and Gharials, the Sanctuary ws formed in 1978 over an area of 5,400 km². Migratory birds from Siberia can be seen here.

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