The Dashavatara Temple at Deoghar

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The Dashavatara Vishnu Temple at Deoghar

Deoghar Temple

The Dashavatara temple in Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh, is dedicated to the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu.Created on the face of each of the four external walls of this magnificient temple is some amazing architecture carved out in stone. While the front entrance features sculptures of various Gods & Goddesses in moods varying from contemplation to affection and the top has Lord Vishnu flanked by two of his avatars, Narasimha and Vamana, it's the temple's sides which attracts the visitors.

On each of the three sides of the Dashavatara temple is a niche made in the wall and carved into it are some dramatic representations of Lord Vishnu's various forms. One such niche has Lord Vishnu lying in a relaxed pose on the coils of Sheshnag. At Lord Vishnu's feet is goddess Laxmi, while various gods and goddessess cover them. Another niche, at the back, depicts the concept of Nar Narayan or the fusion of the divine and human. The third niche brings alive the story of Lord Vishnu coming to the aid of the trapped elephant Gaja.

The temple is believed to bear an inscription attributing its construction to Govinda Gupta, the governor of Malwa in the region of Kumara Gupta (415-454 AD), when the Gupta period was at its peak.

Reaching Deoghar:

Deoghar lies in Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh and is most easily accessed from the district headquarters, 31 Kms away. Jhansi, the major city and railhead in these parts is 130 Kms away. Lalitpur does not offer too many decent staying options, so making Jhansi or Gwalior a base to explore the region is a better option.

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