Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve and Ramganga River

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Jim Corbett National Park & Fishing Trip to Jamun

The wildlief at Jim Corbett National Park

We travel guide to Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger reserve, with information on visiting the Ramganga river near Jamun for fishing. Jim Corbett, in Uttaranchal, is always thought of as a place for adventure and safaris, but there's more to Corbett than just tigers and wildlife safaris. Like the gurgling Ramganaga river at Jamun for instance, which gives you ample excuses to just pick that fishing rod! Using the lodge at Jim Corbett as a base, one can opt for fishing trips on various stretches of the Ramganga River in Corbett National Park. These trips are escorted by the fishing guides provided by the hotel.

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Entry to the lodge at Corbett is through the Durgadevi Gate. The drive to the lodge is an interesting one, taking you through the dense Sal forests and takes about an hour from the near by hotels. The travel trip also provides you with an opportunity to visit the highest point in Corbett National Park by jeep or visit the nearby Chaurs for game viewing on elephant back.

The Ramganga River Lodge

The river lodge is an effort to provide a genuine wilderness experience in Corbett National Park. Its location in the heart of the reserve forest and on the Ramganga river makes it an ideal getaway for those who want to be in close proximity to one of the natural wonders of the world. The lush sub-tropical forests and bountiful flora and fauna just adds to the effect. The bird life in this wilderness is also very rich with more than 600 varieties of birds to delight you. The morning sun sets the hills on fire with rich vibrant hues. The rough rocky terrain and the land formations are breathtaking. The reserve truly offers a moving tribune to the nature lover and the Angling or fishing at the Ramganga river in Jamunphotographer of the wild.

Fishing at Jamun

Mahseer is a freshwater fish that is found in plenty in the waters of the hill rivers of Uttaranchal. This scaly fish can grow quite big and shows more sport for its size than a salmon and is thus considered to be the best sport fish in the world. Fishing for mahseer is great fun as this fish grabs bait quickly, especially if the bait is a live fish.

The commonly sighted mahseer on the waters at the Corbett National Park are goonch, silver mahseer and black mahseer. The trained angler guide will teach you the nuances of angling the mighty mahseer. The Ramganga river is the lifeline of the Corbett tiger reserve and supports a wide array of aquatic life forms within like oters, crocodiles, fish eating gharials and fishing eagles, to name a few. Famed for the mighty mahseer, it is one of the finest rivers of north India for anglers. The largest mahseer catch in the last few years weighed 65 lbs. Other species in this river include malee, rohu and trout in certain sections.

Good To Know Travel Info

1. Location: Jim Corbett National Park lies in the Nainital, Pauri Garwhal and Bijnore Districts of Uttaranchal. Jamun is located 300 Km from Delhi. Ramnagar, the closest town is about 10 Kms away.

2. Travel Route: Delhi - Hapur - Gajraula - Moradabad - Kashipur - Ramnagar - Corbett. You can trace the exact route and distance to Jim Corbett through our interactive route map.

3. Getting there: If you are driving in car, start early in the morning. It takes approx 5 and a half hrs to reach Corbett, including a short breakfast break at gajraula.

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