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Nandurbar District Tourist Guide with Map

The Map of District Nandurbar in Maharashtra

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Nandurbar District came into existence on 1st of July 1998 when Dhule district of Maharashtra was divided in to two. Before 1st of July 1998 Nandurbar was part of the larger Dhule district. Nandurbar, Dhule and Jalgaon districts formed what was known as the Khandesh district. Dhule was known as the west Khandesh whereas Jalgaon was known as the east Khandesh. Nandurbar shares its boundaries with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and rivers Narmada and Tapi provide the water.The world's largest wind mills farm near Nandurbar

The world's largest wind farm having an output of 10000 MW is being built just 30 Kms from Nandurbar city. The Nandurbar district of Maharashtra comprises of 6 talukas. These talukas are Akkalkuwa, Akrani Mahal (Also called Dhadgaon), Taloda, Shahada, Nandurbar and Navapur. The district headquarters are located at the Nandurbar city and Taloda and Shahada act as the Taluka Headquarters.

Weather & Climate Conditions

The Climate of Nandurbar District is generally Hot and Dry. With similar climate as rest of India, Nandurbar District has three distinct seasons; Summer, Monsoon/Rainy and the Winter season.

Summer is from March to mid of June. Summers are usually hot and dry. During the month of May the summer is at its peak. Temperatures can be as high as 40° Celsius during the peak of Summer. The Monsoon sets in during the mid or end of June and winter stays from November to February.The hot water springs at Shahada, Maharashtra

Tourist Spots in the District

* Prakasha, one of the oldest templaes of this region, also known as Dakshin Kashi, is in Shahada Tehsil.
* One of the famous temples of God Shree Ganesha (Heramb) is at Jaynagar, 24 km away from Shahada.
* Shri Datta temple is at Sarangkheda. Every year a big fair is organised on the eve of Datta Jayanti.
* Hingani is a small village between Shahada and Shirpur. People there conduct the "Mahavakya" & "Mahakavya" of the Mahanubhav panth.
* Toranmal is the second coolest hill station in Maharashtra state and is near Shahada (approx. 40 km). It has a natural lake called Yashwant Lake which is natural and full of flowering lotus. It is a good place for sight-seeing and picnic.
* Unapdev (25 km from Shahada) is a pleasant picnic point in Shahada tehsil. It has a permanent natural hot water source, and it flows throughout the year from a structure in the shape of a cow's mouth.
* NarayanPur is famous for the remains of an ancient temple of Shiva in the Taluka of Nandurbar.
* Sculpture of Lord Mahavir in the river of Gomai, near the taluka of Shahada, is visited by many.
* Nature's magic can be seen at the Satpuda hills, Fort Of Akka Rani and beautiful waterfalls of Horaphali and Walheri.

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